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Richard Milstein Quoted On Supreme Court Decision to Hear Gay Marriage Cases
December 8, 2012
Richard Milstein was quoted in the front page story, "Supreme Court Will Hear Gay Marriage Cases," in the Miami Herald. On December 7, the Supreme Court agreed to review California's Proposition 8, a ballot measure that banned same-sex marriage, and a statute in the Defense of Marriage Act, which blocks a host of federal benefits from married same-sex couples.

Milstein explained to the Miami Herald that if DOMA goes away, the federal government would then recognize all legal marriages, even in states such as Florida with constitutional bans against same-sex weddings. "It's my opinion that the state's legal standing against marriage equality will topple the same as it did in miscegeny laws," Milstein said. "When DOMA falls, federal tax returns can be filed whether your state recognizes gay marriage or not… It would also recognize survivor's Social Security benefits and other forms of survivor benefits and rights including the Family Leave Act and veterans benefits," Milstein continued.

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