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220 Akerman Lawyers Across the United States Named to 2017 Super Lawyers and Rising Stars Lists
Firm Achieves Record Number of Lawyer Listings for Fifth Consecutive Year
June 13, 2017
Akerman LLP, a top 100 U.S. law firm serving clients across the Americas, today announced that a record number of Akerman lawyers have been named to the Super Lawyers lists for the fifth consecutive year. The 2017 edition of Super Lawyers recognized 220 professionals, including 86 Rising Stars, with one in three Akerman lawyers making the lists.

The firm's lawyers are listed in a number of major U.S. markets across nine states and the District of Columbia. These include: Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Houston, Los Angeles, Miami, and New York, among others. In Florida, Partner Katherine (Kathi) Giddings was once again named among the Top 50 Florida Women Super Lawyers and Top 100 Florida Super Lawyers.

Super Lawyers is a rating service of outstanding U.S. lawyers who have attained a high-degree of peer recognition and professional achievement. The resource serves as a guide for general counsel and Fortune 1000 executives in charge of making legal hiring decisions.

The Akerman lawyers and the categories in which they are honored are listed below:

Chicago, Illinois

Super Lawyers 2017
Douglas A. Albritton, Business Litigation
Mark S. Bernstein, Business Litigation
Brian C. Bianco, Intellectual Property Litigation
Thomas Y. Mandler, Employment & Labor
Jane K. McCahill, Health Care
Scott A. Meyers, Securities Litigation
Michael L. Molinaro, Banking
John P. ('Pete') Morrison, Employment & Labor
Thomas G. Pasternak, Intellectual Property
E. Paul Quinn, Mergers & Acquisitions
Michael D. Switzer, Intellectual Property Litigation
Martin T. Tully, Business Litigation

Rising Stars 2017
Robyn M. Bowland, Intellectual Property
Kasey Folk Dunlap, Business Litigation
Julia R. Lissner, Business Litigation
Carolyn V. Metnick, Health Care
Dara Tarkowski, Consumer Law
Ryan C. Williams, Business Litigation
James I. Zirkle, Intellectual Property Litigation

Dallas, Texas

Rising Stars 2017
Tyler B. Engar, Consumer Law
Elizabeth A. Mazzarella, Consumer Law
Walter McInnis, Consumer Law
Andrew D. Thomas, Business Litigation
Jennifer E. Webb, Business Litigation
Robert E. Weitzel, Business Litigation

Denver, Colorado

Rising Stars 2017
Melissa L. Cizmorris, Appellate
Jamie Z. Roth, Business Litigation

Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Super Lawyers 2017
Stacy Bercun Bohm, Construction Litigation: Business
Mary V. Carroll, Mergers & Acquisitions
Andrew P. Gold, Business Litigation
Michael I. Goldberg, Bankruptcy: Business
William P. Heller, Business Litigation
D. Brett Marks, Bankruptcy: Business
Jason S. Oletsky, Business Litigation
Eric D. Rapkin, Real Estate: Business
Edward L. Ristaino, Business/Corporate
Glen A. Stankee, Tax: Business

Rising Stars 2017
Eyal Berger, Creditor Debtor Rights: Business
Catherine Douglas Kretzschmar, Bankruptcy: Business
Elan Hersh, Business Litigation
Sarah Lis, Employment Litigation: Defense
Tamara Savin Malvin, Business Litigation
Max C. Rudolf, Class Action/Mass Torts
Ashley A. Sawyer, Business Litigation

Houston, Texas

Super Lawyers 2017
To be published in the fall

Rising Stars 2017
Brian T. Bagley, Intellectual Property Litigation
James E. Rogers, Business Litigation
Nicholas D. Stepp, Appellate

Jacksonville, Florida

Super Lawyers 2017
Jacob A. Brown, Bankruptcy: Business
Cindy A. Laquidara, State, Local, & Municipal
Peter O. Larsen, Tax: Business
John B. Macdonald, Creditor Debtor Rights: Business
Timothy J. McDermott, General Litigation
David E. Otero, Bankruptcy: Business

Rising Stars 2017
Christian P. George, Business Litigation
Allison M. Stocker, Business Litigation

Las Vegas, Nevada

Super Lawyers 2017
Darren T. Brenner, Civil Litigation: Defense

Rising Stars 2017
Rebekkah Bodoff, Securities Litigation
Rex D. Garner, Business Litigation
William S. Habdas, Consumer Law
Tenesa S. Scaturro, Consumer Law

Los Angeles, California

Super Lawyers 2017
Ellen Berkowitz, Land Use/Zoning

Rising Stars 2017
Evan F. Anderson, Consumer Law
Preston K. Ascherin, Consumer Law
Katalina Baumann, Consumer Law
Alicia Y. Hou, Business Litigation
Parisa Jassim, Consumer Law
Lisa B. Kolieb, Land Use/Zoning
Stephanie A. Schiff, Civil Litigation: Defense
Robert R. Yap, Civil Litigation: Defense

Miami, Florida

Super Lawyers 2017
Marcy L. Aldrich, Class Action/Mass Torts
Jacqueline M. Arango, Business Litigation
William C. Arnhols, Banking
Jonathan L. Awner, Mergers & Acquisitions
Richard Bezold, Real Estate: Business
James S. Bramnick, Employment & Labor
Christopher S. Carver, Business Litigation
Dana Clayton, Business Litigation
Gerald B. Cope, Jr., Appellate
Nancy A. Copperthwaite, Appellate
L. Frank Cordero, Tax: Business
Carol L. Schoffel Faber, Real Estate: Business
Pedro A. Freyre, Business/Corporate
Joanne Gelfand, Bankruptcy: Business
Andrea S. Hartley, Bankruptcy: Business
Elizabeth M. Hernandez, Civil Litigation: Defense
Daniel Jacobson, Business/Corporate
Neisen O. Kasdin, Land Use/Zoning
Jeffrey A. Kern, Estate Planning & Probate
Teddy D. Klinghoffer, Business/Corporate
Michael C. Marsh, Business Litigation
Brian Miller, Securities Litigation
James M. Miller, Business Litigation
Richard C. Milstein, Estate & Trust Litigation
Luis A. Perez, International
Henry H. Raattama Jr., Nonprofit Organizations
Joseph L. Rebak, Business Litigation
Stephen K. Roddenberry, Mergers & Acquisitions
Carl D. Roston, Mergers & Acquisitions
Peter E. Salomon, Employee Benefits
Mark S. Shapiro, Insurance Coverage
Lawrence D. Silverman, Antitrust Litigation
Andrew M. Smulian, Real Estate: Business
William J. Spratt, Jr., Health Care
Brian Tague, Real Estate: Business

Rising Stars 2017
Daniel Cardenal, Consumer Law
Jose Felix Diaz, Land Use/Zoning
Daniel P. Faust, Real Estate: Business
Wendy François, Land Use/Zoning
Ari H. Gerstin, General Litigation
Ross E. Linzer, Class Action/Mass Torts
Michael O. Mena, Business Litigation
Alexandra Mora, Business Litigation
Lorayne Perez, Business Litigation
Andrew Pompa, Real Estate: Business
Francisco A. Rodriguez, International
Ryan Roman, Business Litigation
Chanel T. Rowe, Business Litigation
Ilana Tabacinic, International
Laurie M. Weinstein, Employment Litigation: Defense
Steven J. Wernick, Land Use/Zoning
Kenneth R. Wiggins, Mergers & Acquisitions
Forton H. Wimbush, Jr., Consumer Law

Naples, Florida

Super Lawyers 2017
Joe B. Cox, Estate Planning & Probate
Jonathan E. Gopman, Estate Planning & Probate

New Orleans, Louisiana

Super Lawyers 2017
Thomas Louis Colletta, Jr., Transportation
Patrick Johnson, Jr., Bankruptcy: Business
Ben Slater, III, Transportation
Gerard Wimberly, Business Litigation

Rising Stars 2017
Michelle W. Scelson, Business Litigation

New York, New York

Super Lawyers 2017
To be published in the fall

Rising Stars 2017
To be published in the fall

Orlando, Florida

Super Lawyers 2017
Cecelia Bonifay, Land Use/Zoning
Charles T. Brumback, Jr., Banking
Jules S. Cohen, Bankruptcy: Business
Megan Costa DeVault, Business Litigation
Joseph E. ('Ed') Foster, Business Litigation
Russell B. Hale, Tax: Business
Richard T. Hurt, Employee Benefits
T. Todd Pittenger, Business Litigation
Robert M. Poppell, Real Estate: Business

Rising Stars 2017
Jarrett D. Bingemann, Real Estate: Business
Paul W. Ettori, Business Litigation
James F. Goldsmith, Business/Corporate
Kimberly Lopez Narbona, Business Litigation
Christopher P. Roper, Land Use/Zoning
Carrie Ann Wozniak, Appellate

Palm Beach County, Florida

Super Lawyers 2017 (West Palm Beach)
Robert I. Chaskes, Business Litigation
Christopher S. Duke, Employment & Labor
Eric A. Gordon, Employment & Labor
Arlene K. Kline, Employment & Labor
Kathy M. Klock, Securities Litigation
James M. McCann, Business Litigation
Lawrence P. Rochefort, Business Litigation
David I. Spector, General Litigation

Super Lawyers 2017 (Boca Raton)
Andrew S. Robins, Real Estate: Business

Rising Stars 2017 (West Palm Beach)
Brandon Forgione, Consumer Law
Andrew M. Loewenstein, General Litigation
Bradley S. McPherson, Business Litigation
Caitlin F. Saladrigas, Health Care
Adam G. Schwartz, Consumer Law

San Antonio, Texas

Super Lawyers 2017
To be published in the fall

Tallahassee, Florida

Super Lawyers 2017
Silvia M. Alderman, Environmental
Martin R. Dix, Health Care
Katherine E. Giddings, Appellate
Joseph W. Hatchett, Business Litigation

Rising Stars 2017
Diane G. DeWolf, Appellate
Kristen M. Fiore, Appellate
Michael J. Larson, Appellate
Felicia Leborgne Nowels, International

Tampa, Florida

Super Lawyers 2017
Irene Bassel Frick, Business Litigation
Karen M. Buesing, Employment Litigation: Defense
Kirk S. Davis, Health Care
David M. Doney, Securities & Corporate Finance
Leslie Joughin III, Business Litigation
Margaret D. Mathews, Business Litigation
L. Joseph Shaheen, Jr., Business Litigation
Scott T. Silverman, Employment & Labor
Steven R. Wirth, Bankruptcy: Business

Rising Stars 2017
John L. Dicks, II, General Litigation
Jason L. Margolin, Business Litigation

Vienna (Tysons Corner), Virginia

Super Lawyers 2017
Jeffrey G. Gilmore, Construction Litigation: Business
Stephen B. Hurlbut, Construction Litigation: Business

Washington, D.C.

Super Lawyers 2017
Jeffrey G. Gilmore, Construction Litigation: Business
Angela Hart-Edwards, Employment & Labor
Stephen B. Hurlbut, Construction Litigation: Business
Warren L. Lewis, Franchise/Dealership

About Akerman LLP
Akerman LLP is a leading transactions and trial law firm known for its core strengths in middle market M&A, within the financial services and real estate industries, and for a diverse Latin America practice. With more than 650 lawyers and government affairs professionals and a network of 24 offices, it is ranked among the top 100 law firms in the United States by The American Lawyer (2017). Akerman also is ranked among the top 100 law firms for diversity in The American Lawyer's Diversity Scorecard (2017).

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Nancy A. Copperthwaite
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Joseph E. ('Ed') Foster
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Irene Bassel Frick
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Jeffrey G. Gilmore
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Angela Hart-Edwards
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Leslie Joughin III
Neisen O. Kasdin
Jeffrey A. Kern
Arlene K. Kline
Teddy Klinghoffer
Kathy M. Klock
Lisa B. Kolieb
Cindy A. Laquidara
Peter O. Larsen
Michael J. Larson
Warren L. Lewis
Ross E. Linzer
Sarah J. Lis
Julia R. Lissner
Andrew M. Loewenstein
John B. Macdonald
Tamara Savin Malvin
Thomas Y. Mandler
Jason L. Margolin
D. Brett Marks
Michael C. Marsh
Margaret D. Mathews
Elizabeth A. Mazzarella
Jane K. McCahill
James M. McCann
Timothy J. McDermott
Walter McInnis
Bradley S. McPherson
Michael O. Mena
Carolyn V. Metnick
Scott A. Meyers
Brian Miller
James M. Miller
Richard C. Milstein
Michael L. Molinaro
Alexandra Mora
John P. ('Pete') Morrison
Kimberly Lopez Narbona
Felicia Leborgne Nowels
Jason S. Oletsky
David E. Otero
Thomas G. Pasternak
Luis A. Perez
Lorayne Perez
T. Todd Pittenger
Andrew Pompa
Robert M. Poppell
E. Paul Quinn
Henry H. Raattama, Jr.
Eric D. Rapkin
Joseph L. Rebak
Edward Ristaino
Andrew S. Robins
Lawrence P. Rochefort
Stephen K. Roddenberry
Francisco A. Rodriguez
James E. Rogers
Ryan Roman
Christopher P. Roper
Carl D. Roston
Jamie Z. Roth
Max C. Rudolf
Caitlin F. Saladrigas
Peter E. Salomon
Ashley A. Sawyer
Tenesa S. Scaturro
Michelle W. Scelson
Stefanie A. Schiff
Adam G. Schwartz
L. Joseph Shaheen, Jr.
Mark S. Shapiro
Lawrence D. Silverman
Scott T. Silverman
Ben Slater, III
Andrew M. Smulian
David I. Spector
William J. Spratt, Jr.
Glen A. Stankee
Nicholas D. Stepp
Allison M. Stocker
Michael D. Switzer
Ilana Tabacinic
Brian Tague
Dara Tarkowski
Andrew D. Thomas
Martin T. Tully
Jennifer E. Webb
Laurie M. Weinstein
Robert E. Weitzel
Steven J. Wernick
Kenneth R. Wiggins
Ryan C. Williams
Gerard Wimberly
Forton H. Wimbush, Jr.
Steven R. Wirth
Carrie Ann Wozniak
Robert R. Yap
James I. Zirkle

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