Woman to Woman
In today’s competitive world, being smart is not enough. In order to successfully grow in our global economy, you and your organization need to adapt to constant change with new skills and approaches to existing and future problems.

Turnaround Investment Partners, in partnership with Akerman LLP, is committed to helping individuals and organizations discover new opportunities and develop the appropriate skills and approaches to capitalize on those opportunities. To fulfill that commitment, we have spent the past several decades working with executive teams in midsize to large companies to develop strategies, talents, skills, organizational structures and breakthrough results.


We would now like to introduce these extraordinary services to women leaders who are committed to moving their career or business to the next level of success, at our Woman to Woman: Maximizing Your Circle of Influence workshop. This workshop will cater to midlevel and senior level female executives. In this exclusive workshop, participants will acquire tools and a methodology to help them intentionally produce breakthrough results in their company, career or life. A breakthrough is a quantum leap or opportunity that appears insurmountable with existing resources. However, once achieved, these breakthroughs will alter the future of your company, department or team.

Mr. Ted Santos, CEO of Turnaround Investment Partners, and Valencia Ray, MD will lead the workshop. Dr. Ray is a former eye surgeon and business owner with expertise in neuroscience and leadership. Through Dr. Ray, participants will learn how neuroscience can be used to accelerate self-awareness and create high performing leaders in an organization. As an entrepreneur and senior executive in midsize organizations and working as an advisor to CEOs, Mr. Santos will share his methodology to create high performing cultures and how to intentionally create successful breakthrough initiatives.

Please join us on September 30, 2016 to learn the science and methodology of high performance and acquire the tools necessary to take your career and life to the next level.

Program Overview:
8:15am - 9:00am Registration
9:00am - 5:00pm Morning Workshops,
Networking Luncheon,
Afternoon Workshops

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Please note:
Registration for the workshop will also include three 60-minute post-workshop sessions that will meet via videoconference once every other week for three sessions. Dates and time of the post-workshop sessions to be announced at the workshop.