Woman to Woman

A Personal and Professional Development Workshop for Women and Their Circle of Influence




A confidential workshop with the intimacy of a one on one

Presented by:
Ted Santos & Valencia Ray, MD

This is a full day workshop
Registration starts at 8:15am
Workshop starts at 9:00am
Ends at 5:00pm

Why haven’t many women been able to maximize books, workshops or their circle of influence?

In our society, women tend to invest more time on personal development and leadership training than men. At the same time, they usually approach their development in a vacuum. They do it on their own. Women learn new information and return to work or home to a desert that is devoid of any of the new thinking they just learned.

The problem with that approach is that you will not have the opportunity to practice, so your retention of the material will be 20% or less. Why? When you return home or to work the people in your environment may have little to no understanding about the journey you are taking personally or professionally. For them, your development may appear to be a foreign language. Therefore, they will have no idea how to support you. It will be difficult for them to be your partner to help you practice new and empowering techniques, thought processes and philosophies. As a result, it can sometimes appear that aspects of your life are hitting a wall—or worse yet, the glass ceiling.

Maximizing Your Circle of Influence is the solution. Every woman has a circle of women that surrounds her – her circle of influence. There is your mother, grandmother, aunts, sisters, daughters, friends, cousins, coworkers, neighbors, hobbyists, etc.

Circle of Influence

Every woman has a circle of 10 women

If you invite two women from each part of your circle to join you for this workshop, it will be easy to have ten partners on your journey of transformation—a breakthrough in your personal or professional life. These women influence different parts of your everyday life. If they attend the workshop with you, they will be a part of your journey. They will learn the new language, thought processes and techniques along with you. These new ways of thinking can be effortlessly practiced in normal everyday conversations, at work, over the phone or social gatherings. As a group, everyone will have mutual accountability built into her life. At the same time, your Circle of Influence will be going through a similar journey of transformation. This even includes the woman who already has everything handled.

What would be a breakthrough for you? A breakthrough or ‘quantum leap’ is a result you would like to produce, except, it may look impossible with your current resources. However, once produced, it will alter the future of your enterprise or career in a way that empowers you.

Is this something you would like to change?

Are you unsure what a breakthrough would be like for you?

Do you need a breakthrough that seems impossible from where you stand?

Do you feel your life is so ‘together’ that other women can’t relate to you?

Is it lonely at the top?

Is your career going well, but your personal life could use improvement?

Have you read tons of self-help books, but haven’t had the results you desire?

Would you like to experience any of the following?

Manifest a life that is worthy of your efforts, talents and contributions

Develop and accomplish a breakthrough initiative

Learn how to deal decisively with challenging behaviors from your self and others

Uncover belief systems that create barriers, blind spots and roadblocks

Recognize where you get stopped in career, relationships, health, personal growth and development—and acquire the tools to do something about it

Develop tools for effective and empowering communication

Discover why you cannot consistently bring passion into your life

Learn to overcome feeling out of control

Learn tools to empower yourself and people in your environment

Acquire tools to dismantle and break up patterns and belief systems that derail personal relationships and business success

Empower yourself to address conflict promptly and directly in your personal and professional life.

This is an opportunity to experience yourself in a confidential and empowering environment with other women who are friends, family and coworkers—and network with other successful women.

In your personal or professional life, it’s difficult to see that everything you already know has contributed to getting you to where you are currently. In many cases, what got you to where you are now will not get you where you would like to be. Where you would like to be may require new skills, competencies and a completely new mindset.

Discover the ‘Neurobiology of We’

Through this workshop, you will be introduced to the neuroscience of communication to become a high performer and a more engaging leader – as it relates to building trust, empathy and listening skills to improve collaboration, performance and innovation.

Wisdom, empathy, and creativity emerge from understanding and embracing the reality of our interdependent nature that is being revealed in current neuroscience research.

This workshop is designed to help participants uncover blind spots and acquire tools to replace what is blocking you so you can fulfill your next level of achievement. User-friendly neuroscience concepts for the businessperson will be used to help you to accelerate self-awareness, reduce stress and begin to take back the steering wheel of your mind. Become bold, powerful and courageous, in your own authentic way, without being aggressive, as you discover what a breakthrough would be for you.

More importantly, the workshop is designed to empower women with tools to work through derailing behaviors that trigger emotional reactions. Resilience is a critical tool for producing breakthroughs.

Some of the tools you will gain in this workshop are the following:

  1. Managing conflict – breakdowns, problems, disruptions, etc.: It is possible to manage conflict without egos and power struggles. If not, goals and accomplishments can be quickly derailed. Acquire tools to manage yourself and others without avoiding the situation, yelling or manipulating so that everyone wins.
  2. Finding your voice: Do you often have something to say, however, you hesitate because of the fear of looking foolish or weak? Empowered people are able to speak their mind in a way that others can hear what they are saying and can stay engaged in the conversation—even in the face of disagreement.
  3. Managing how you’re perceived: A strong image in your personal and professional life can take years to build and it can be destroyed in seconds. How can you avoid sabotaging your reputation? Learn this little known tool to protect one of your greatest assets—your reputation.
  4. Getting buy-in from others: Do you believe you have to manipulate or intimidate others to get what you want? Learn the simple art of negotiating, instead of compromising. Learn the five things powerful women never do.
  5. Developing a thick skin: Powerful people make tremendous accomplishments in the face of criticism. Learn healthy ways to manage disagreement or disapproval. Learn how problems or breakdowns can have seeds of opportunity. Develop and increase emotional resilience.
  6. Learn the language of successful leaders: If you listen to leaders of an organization, social movement or sports team, there is a language they use that empowers them and those who surround them. Acquire the tools to keep you on track even when circumstances seem to derail you.
  7. Learn the latest neuroscience of powerful and effective leaders: How to train your brain for accomplishment. How your brain affects those around you. Acquire techniques to increase emotional resilience and break from the past.

If the following will benefit your personal or professional life then this workshop is for you:

Increased effectiveness in leadership skills so that you can:

  • Become a more inspiring leader
  • Create a more engaging team, division or company
  • Develop skills to increase effectiveness to gain buy-in by direct reports
  • Become more effective at managing up, managing down and laterally
  • Decrease time to execute initiatives

Enhanced communication skills so that you can:

  • Become more savvy at managing conflict
  • Become more effective at negotiating win-win situations
  • Learn the 3 Levels of Relationship Communication that shapes and molds our brain – and ultimately molds workplace culture

Increased emotional resilience so that you can:

  • More effectively handle unforeseen disruptions and challenges

Learn to live on purpose instead of waiting for your purpose so that you can:

  • Feel inspired by your current career path

Complete a breakthrough project so that you can:

  • Move your career to the next level
  • Have a sense of satisfaction which comes with accomplishing something you did not think you could do
  • Increase company revenues and your income

Morning Session – 9:00 am – 11:30 am

Raise your self-awareness

  • Bossy…Moody…Complainer…overcoming labels that are sometimes imposed on women
  • Uncover blind spots, roadblocks, barriers & biases
  • Uncovering what you don’t know you don’t know

Develop all the right stuff

  • Stop trying to fit in
  • Learn how you listen to yourself and others

Project credibility and earn the respect you deserve

  • How your belief systems affect credibility
  • Common myths that are inherited

Afternoon Session – 1:00 pm – 5:00 pm

Always communicate purposefully and meaningfully

  • What do you stand for?
  • What are you committed to?
  • What is the intention of your communication?

Light the fire at home and work

  • The #1 lesson is that it’s not about you
  • You have a plan for your life—but you don’t have the passion
  • Do people around you run to you with every little problem? The signs you may be contributing to the situation

Keep the flame burning

  • Two lessons about keeping the best people in your life happy
  • Common myths that are inherited

Turnaround challenges and find opportunities

  • How to disagree without being negatively labeled behind your back
  • Conflict, fight or flight? Here’s a better option
  • Learn the value of problems
  • How the wisest women handle the 7 sources of conflict
  • When disagreement arises, step into a leader’s role by adopting these 3 behaviors

Assess where you stand and where you go from here

  • How to ask others for honest feedback—without seeming weak or putting anyone on the spot
  • Who are the people around you?
  • How to create your personal vision statement that defines your purpose and guides your future—with 25 words or less.

Let’s put it all together

  • Breakout groups
  • Debrief from breakouts
  • Lessons learned

This workshop is designed to help participants become high performers and produce a breakthrough project. The training material has been created for the workplace. However, many of the benefits can be transferred to your personal life.

While many of the tools and approaches are the result of years of research, experience and practical application, they may initially appear counterintuitive. To ensure these counterintuitive approaches become a part of your everyday life, post workshop seminars will be included as part of the full day. For three sessions, we will offer two different seminar tracks to choose from. Each seminar will be a 60-minute session that will meet via video conference once every other week for three sessions.

These group seminars are included with the price of the full day session. Participants of the full day can choose to participate in one of the following seminars:

  1. Leadership – moving your career to the next level
  2. Breakthrough project – mastering the challenges of your breakthrough initiative

By attending each session, participants will have the opportunity to reinforce what was learned in the full day workshop and acquire additional tools.

Ted Santos & Valencia Ray, MD will lead all sessions.


Mr. Ted Santos is a high impact executive coach and speaker. He has developed a reputation for rapidly impacting a business’ bottom line as well as performance. Over the past 25 years, he has trained professionals, served as a sales and operations executive and researched effective leadership in the US, Belize, Costa Rica and Mexico. His career has ranged from entrepreneur to executive management to advisor/executive coach to CEOs. The challenges he has faced across various fields have prepared him for his current position as the Chairman of the Board of Veteran CEOs. As Chairman, he moderates roundtable discussions between former CEOs of Fortune 500s and current CEOs of companies with revenues between $100 million and $3 billion.

Valencia Ray, MD was a physician business owner and leader in the complex and dynamic healthcare market for two decades before selling her eye surgery medical practice. She now shares her knowledge and expertise through executive coaching, speaking engagements, and as a facilitator and author. Dr. Ray is highly skilled at marrying her professional expertise in neuroscience, business ownership and leadership to help others accelerate their leadership and personal development so that they can best leverage their talents and strengths in the areas of leadership development, personal transformation, communications and strategic thinking.