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The proliferation of data privacy and security laws across the United States continues to accelerate in step with the increasing volume and mobility of corporate data and threats of data breaches. Companies and their compliance practices are increasingly scrutinized by regulators and other watchdog groups. This can quickly spiral into costly and reputation-damaging government enforcement actions and litigation exposure. The challenge: To keep pace with a rapidly evolving legal and regulatory landscape in order to effectively manage business, operational, and reputational compliance risks across diverse corporate functions and jurisdictions.
The Akerman Data Law Center is an intelligent legal product that will enable our clients to remain on the front line of business-critical data laws by extending their in-house capabilities and improving business efficiency. This is the first-of-its-kind legal product developed in collaboration with Thomson Reuters to support the compliance strategies of large companies. The Akerman Data Law Center will provide corporate counsel and compliance officers with a timely trove of state and federal data laws, regulations, and legal insights. This product will deliver tailored research, multi-jurisdictional surveys and regulatory gap analyses in a wide array of data and privacy risk areas empowering clients to quickly and cost-effectively understand and handle routine compliance matters.
Simply put, the Akerman Data Law Center combines what law firms do best - high-value analysis and legal advice - with what legal managed services do best - execute a methodical and well-documented approach to research and regulatory change management by leveraging the right mix of professionals and business processes. The Akerman Data Law Center utilizes an advanced technology platform that uses legal expert systems, a form of artificial intelligence, to interpret and operationalize the legal knowledge and guide clients to counsel where counsel is needed.

Service Offerings
Bullet Web-based legal knowledge platform
Bullet Custom global research, developed by Akerman leveraging Thomson Reuters professionals, into statutes, rules and regulations in complex areas of law that govern and impact highly regulated enterprises
Bullet Highly efficient solution for data law compliance that can reduce legal fees by more than 80 percent as compared with traditional hourly rate services
Bullet Virtual data bank of U.S. data privacy and security laws and regulations
Bullet Powerful new tool that will help our clients manage their increasing risks with an Akerman data lawyer always a phone call or email away
Bullet Timely analysis of U.S. state, federal, and multi-jurisdictional data and privacy risk areas
Bullet Gap analysis to identify potential exposure risks of company policies and procedures
Bullet Locate and synthesize complex information instantaneously and identify and mitigate risks before they become crises
Bullet Monthly subscription fee with budget certainty for ongoing legal and compliance research and monitoring
Bullet Integrative "expert systems" technology from Neota Logic provides intuitive interface for navigating complex rule sets contained in data law systems
Bullet Legal guidance and management of client's evolving compliance needs
Bullet Robust product structured to support clients across all sectors
Akerman's multi-disciplinary team of regulatory compliance and data law lawyers can provide legal interpretation and day-to-day counseling specifically tailored to each client's distinctive situation and needs. Please contact Jeffrey Sharer or Martin Tully and we will answer any questions you have about the solution and explain the next steps.

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