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Bill Ide authored an article for Bloomberg Law, in which he guides corporate boards through the reopening of their businesses and provides recommendations in order to build stakeholder trust. 

“The board’s highest priority should be creating a culture of protecting the health and economic well-being of company employees and stakeholders. Like most board decisions, the decision to reopen operations is a risk-reward proposition, but this decision takes on heightened significance as one risk of reopening is the personal health and safety of employees and stakeholders.” 

“To achieve trust that the company did the right thing, the plan for reopening, or continued operations in essential businesses, must be grounded in science. The key to protecting the health of employees and the stakeholders is limiting the spread of the virus. How this is accomplished is the subject of varying scientific studies and opinions. The science is evolving; any plan for company operations should be nimble enough to evolve with it.” 

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