Seminars and Conferences

Akerman will host a breakfast briefing titled, "Colorado Employers - 2020 Will Bring a Blizzard of New Laws." The briefing will review the various new laws introduced by the Colorado legislature during the 2019 session that will affect Colorado employers. Some have already gone into effect but most go into effect in 2020. The panel will provide an informative discussion on the new laws and how employers will need to review and perhaps modify current practices.

Discussion Topics:

  • “Ban the Box” Law – Can an employer restrict job applicants to persons without a criminal conviction? 
  • Wage Theft – How can this amendment to the CO Wage Act ensnare an employer? 
  • Vacation Pay – Can an employer enforce “Use it or Lose it” Policy?
  • “Equal Pay for Equal Work Act” – What does it mean and when does it become effective? 
  • Other state and federal wage and hour developments 


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