Seminars and Conferences

Akerman’s New York Land Use and Zoning Group hosted its second seminar series relating to the Gowanus Neighborhood Plan and what it means for the transformation of this community’s future development. 

Topics that were discussed during the 2nd seminar:

  • Gowanus Neighborhood Rezoning
    - Goals of the Gowanus Neighborhood Plan
    - Overview of Residential Zoning Changes and District Designations
    - Summary of Permitted Residential Bulk Regulations
    - Updates on Public Review
  • Mandatory Inclusionary Housing
    - MIH Options in Gowanus and throughout City
    - MIH Requirements and the Affordable Housing Plan
    - Differences Between MIH and Voluntary Inclusionary Housing
    - The MIH Application Process with HPD
  • Affordable New York Housing Program (421-a(16))
    - Program Sunset and Commencement
    - 421-a Affordability Options
    - Application Requirements
    - The 421-a Application Process with HPD
  • Question and Answer Session


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