Seminars and Conferences

Akerman will host a webinar on how employers should handle employee exposure to extreme temperatures. Lillian Moon and Jessica Travers will discuss an employer's legal duties; practical steps for the prevention of (and response to) heat and cold related illness and injuries; and how legal/human resources departments are/should be addressing the issue.

Discussion Topics:

  • How does an employer engage in the hazard assessment?  
  • Is air temperature a valid indicator of temperature-related hazard exposure?  
  • Are there any employee training or physiologic/environmental monitoring requirements? 
  • What are the signs of heat and cold stress? 
  • How are other OSHA standards, such as PPE, Recordkeeping, Sanitation, Medical Services and First Aid, and Safety Training and Education, triggered in an extreme temperature situation? 
  • What are the key considerations for an employer to create a Heat or Cold Illness Prevention Plan? 
  • What controls can an employer implement to solve temperature-related workplace issues? 


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