Speaking Engagements

Brett Kappel is the latest Research. Influence. Lead. 2018 (RIL2018) faculty member. Brett's lecture will discuss "Disclaimers, Disbursements, and Court Decisions: Troubling New Developments at the FEC," including the conflict between FEC's potential adoption of disclaimers on online political advertisements and existing rules on social media sites, recent thefts from PAC bank accounts, and the effect of the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia's decision to invalidate an FEC regulation that minimized the reporting requirements for nonprofit organizations making independent expenditures. 

RIL2018 brings together experienced government relations professionals from the corporate, non-profit and association sectors to help them integrate evidence-based approaches to their government relations programs. RIL also emphasizes the application of scientific influence principles and leadership to today’s advocacy, government relations and political engagement challenges. 


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