Seminars and Conferences

Akerman is a sponsor of the Employment Law Forum, hosted by the Daily Journal. The event will cover important substantive and procedural issues currently confronting employment lawyers. Michelle Lee Flores will speak on the “#MeToo,” panel, discussing best practices and risk avoidance when dealing with sexual harassment cases. Jeffrey Horton Thomas, one of the event co-chairs, will moderate the panel, “Internal Investigations,” which also features Marissa Alguire as a panelist. This panel will discuss what it takes to conduct a compliant, defensible investigation, how and where plaintiff’s counsel will seek to discredit the investigation and any pro-employer findings, how employers can best manage findings in the complaining employee’s favor, recent developments around investigations, how to tap insurance carrier money to fund investigations, and other issues of concern to employers, employees and their counsel.

Lastly, Jeffrey Horton Thomas will also moderate the panel, “Immigration,” which will discuss federal projects and enforcement actions underway due to the “Buy American, Hire American” Executive Order; local and California update on enforcement actions by ICE, I-9s, AB 450 – California’s Immigration Worker Protection Act; sanctuary jurisdictions; and H-IB Visa applications. Attendees for this event typically include corporate counsel, employment lawyers, and human resource professionals.


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