Speaking Engagements

Michael Goldberg will speak on panel titled "Fred Friendly Seminar to Explore All Facets and Roles in 'the hypothetical,'" at the Miami Class Action & Complex Litigation Forum presented by the University of Miami School of Law. The seminar will feature a panel representing virtually every outlook on the issue at hand, including the best and nationally renowned plaintiffs and defense counsel, a preeminent court appointed receiver, the president of a public interest organization, a national insurance/coverage expert and a member of the national media. The participants will be assigned roles in "the hypothetical" - a situation that brings the issue down to human scale. By introducing twists and turns in the hypothetical story line, the moderator will force the panelists to take a hard look at their own beliefs and listen to the points of view of those who disagree.

This 6th annual event, brings together leading judges, MDL panelists, practitioners, and scholars from around the country to discuss current cutting edge issues and topics associated with multi-district class actions and mass tort litigation.


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