A Message from Akerman's Chairman and CEO

When we participate in elections, it affirms the notion that we govern ourselves by free choice. Voting allows us to keep our democracy strong. It also has an immeasurable impact on the issues that affect us at all levels of government. From infrastructure and education, to retirement security, healthcare, immigration, the economy, taxes, national defense, and social justice, it is important to help elected officials understand the issues that are important to us.

Whether you have never voted before or have been to the polls many times, your vote is your voice, and your voice matters. Please register to vote if you have not already done so, and make your plan to cast your ballot. For more information about applicable voting procedures, please visit the following websites:

Please show up to vote this year and let your voice be heard.

“Every election is determined by the people who show up.”

~  Larry J. Sabato

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