With environmental policy rapidly shifting in the United States, new business opportunities—and potential business risks—are on the rise. Recent regulatory changes and the anticipation of more to come means it's not just business as usual. Successfully navigating the evolving regulatory landscape requires a legal partner with the right knowledge and experience.

Akerman has a seasoned team of lawyers and policy consultants who guide clients through ever-changing legal, policy, and political trends in environmental law and regulation. Our team members, many of whom are former regulators or legislative committee members, maintain strong relationships at the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Department of the Interior, Department of Energy (DOE), and U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. With our deep knowledge and hands-on experience, we help clients, including industrial, agricultural, governmental, and commercial entities, to understand and comply with applicable state and federal regulations. We also assist clients in accomplishing their federal and state contracting, appropriations, and government advocacy objectives.

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