While lack of federal funding has impacted the pace of transportation projects in recent years, anticipation of a massive infrastructure bill is fueling optimism in the sector. With the expectation of significant changes on the horizon for both funding and project development strategies, there is a revitalized focus on transportation projects, including those involving public-private partnerships.

Akerman has a long history of helping public and private clients to achieve their transportation objectives, from developing winning projects and obtaining financing to overcoming administrative roadblocks and developing innovative public-private partnership strategies. Our team of lawyers and policy consultants has a deep understanding of all phases of transportation projects, from initiation to development and implementation. We guide transit properties, commuter rail lines, ferry systems, airports, and aviation technology companies through authorizations, appropriations, and on-the-ground approvals. Our work includes obtaining federal appropriations and grants, passage of transportation authorizing legislation, and regulatory and agency work.

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