The legal landscape for international trade and customs is particularly complex to navigate due to heavy regulation, continuous evolution of trade relations, and the wide range of legal issues across various jurisdictions. Success requires a global approach built on a deep understanding of the ever-changing legal, business, and political factors impacting the cross-border movement of goods and services.

Akerman’s International Trade and Customs Practice provides strategic counseling for clients to gain and maintain an advantage in the global marketplace. Recognized by Chambers Global for our international trade experience, we assist domestic and multinational companies with all aspects of the cross-border movement of goods and services. Our work includes representing clients before U.S. and foreign regulatory agencies to obtain the licenses and approvals necessary when entering goods into the U.S. market or exporting goods to foreign countries.

We aid clients in overcoming market barriers by helping them understand trade policy and comply with trade laws. Through effective business structuring and negotiation of cross-border agreements, our multilingual team assists clients in achieving the best positioning in the U.S. and in international markets such as Brazil, Mexico, and Spain. Combining our in-depth business and legal insights with our longstanding relationships with policymakers in Washington, Brussels, Brasilia, and other strategic capitals, we help clients identify opportunities in the United States and abroad and develop entry strategies to overcome market obstacles. Effective business operations require compliance with the law, while efficient solutions demand immediate understanding of nuanced sectors. Our practice is distinguished by our expert knowledge of the law and the sectors affected by international trade.

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