Speaking Engagements

Eric Goldberg will be a featured speaker at the International Money Transfer & Cross-Border Payments (IMTC) World 2018: X-Border Transfers & Payments Conference. He will be presenting on, "The Current State of the CFPG and It's Approach to Money Transmitters." Providing a stage for executives to network with colleagues from all sectors of the industry, the event normally attracts attendees from bank and non-bank financial institutions, international money transfer companies, remittance service providers, card companies, payment processors, merchant service providers, telecommunication networks, mobile money service providers, retail chains, financial services organizations, foreign exchange firms, VCs & blockchain-based remittance services, bill payment, airtime & package transportation/delivery providers, as well as providers of industry services such as legal, compliance, bonding, auditing, software, IT development & security, etc.


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