Unlike private sector transactions, public procurement is governed by unique requirements. Effectively navigating the highly regulated procurement process requires guidance from legal counsel with in-depth knowledge of the associated rules, requirements, and dispute resolution process.

Akerman helps clients understand and maneuver through the complexities of the federal, state, and local procurement process. Prior working experience with a wide range of government agencies provides our team with a high degree of skill and technical proficiency on the entire procurement process—from contract formation and administration to contract performance and dispute resolution.

We represent contractors, suppliers, manufacturers, service providers, and property owners that provide goods, services, and real property to government entities. Our lawyers effectively guide clients through the RFP/proposal process, bid protests, compliance issues, regulatory mandates, termination, and suspension and debarment. With a deep understanding of the federal dispute resolution process and forums, our team is prepared to quickly resolve disputes in specialty tribunals such as the Boards of Contract Appeals and U.S. Court of Federal Claims and before federal suspension/debarment officials.

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